Our Company

NextVPU is a start-up in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision domain. NextVPU refers to "Next Vision Processing Unit", which means the vision chips in future. The goal of the company is to bring vision capability to all robots, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), unmanned ground vehicles(UGV) and other smart devices, to create a new era of AI. The company, founded by industry veterans, now is focusing on the R&D of some interesting products. The first product is coming soon.

Our Products

AngelEye Smart Glasses

AngelEye Smart Glasses, the world's 1st smart glasses to assist visually impaired to perceive the world conveniently and enjoy a safer exploration in an indoor/outdoor environment.

AngelEye Smart Glasses are designed to facilitate visually impaired people’s daily life. Working with an smartphone, it captures visual information, analyzes and communicates the result in audio for visually impaired to perceive the world. AngelEye Smart Glasses are a powerful intelligent device with stylish industrial design. It’s slim, portable, and reliable, powered by NextVPU’s Technology (NextVPU’s Intellectual Property)

ü  Advanced Visual Geometry Perception Technology

ü  Advanced Visual Recognition Technology

AngelEye Smart Glasses’ shipping schedule will be in June, 2016. The crowdfunding on indiegogo has been launched, please  click the link here to view the crowdfunding page: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/angeleye-smart-glasses/x/15549577

Kepler Stereo Camera

Kepler Stereo Camera (referred as “Kepler” thereafter), is a cutting-edge, powerful, reliable and slim sensing device. It has high precision with low power consumption. It’s widely used in depth sensing, vision & IMU localization and motion tracking. It can be used in both indoor and outdoor environment. It’s calibrated precisely before the shipment. Developer can utilize Kepler to build their own intelligent system.

From lens, image sensor to IMU, Kepler pushes the limit of depth sensing, vision & IMU localization and motion tracking to a new level.

Kepler V001 has started sell, get more detail via http://en.nextvpu.com/goods.php?id=508